Bridge to Campus

Why Use the Bridge?
Imagine a world without bridges. A world where every creek had to be forded and every canyon had to be climbed. Travel would be full of dangers and hindrances. Life’s quite the same. Traveling from one stage to another involves an extensive amount of risk – uncertainties, wrong turns, financial strains, solitude. While not all hazards can be eliminated, we here at Wolf Mountain seek to lessen the dangers of traveling from one stage of life to another.

What’s the Bridge?
Short answer: it’s an alternative to the normal four-year college experience. It’s cheaper, more focused on hands-on ministry, and more fun (in our opinion!)

Long answer: the Bridge is a ministry of Wolf Mountain Camps that uses the unique aspects of the camping ministry to train students through sensible classes; mature, godly mentors; practical ministry; and experienced faculty. It is a place of instruction seeking to train students to live a consistent Christian walk while serving in their local church.

I know what you’re thinking. “Say that one more time.”

Wolf Mountain is a Christian camp in Grass Valley, California (about two hours from Reno and Lake Tahoe, and about three hours from San Francisco). During the summers, Wolf Mountain runs many camps for both Juniors and Teens. But what do we do in the off-season? We do camp. How do we do that? We also help people grow and minister, and through them, we run camp.

The Bridge is a ministry that melds the worlds of camp and college – giving you 25 hours of camp experience a week at a fraction of the price you’d pay if you were to actually attend a campus-location of a college. You’re housed in spacious dorms, given freedoms and friends, and trained in both practical ministry as well as camp program.

The “Long Answer” above is a close approximation of our mission statement. We seek to equip college students with the necessary traits they need to move on into the next stage of life, whether that be the business world, the ministry world, or a combination of both.

So what are the Features that Make the Bridge Unique?
While each year is different (molded to the personalities of both the Bridge Director and the students), some of the things you can expect with the Bridge are as follows:

The Bridge is more than just a college. It’s a ministry hot-spot that seeks to take your gifts and abilities and hone them for use in God’s work. It’s a place that seeks to surround you with godly, like-minded friends and direct your strengths for the Lord’s work – all while keeping costs low.

We all need a Bridge to traverse the dangerous territories of this earth – why not use the Bridge to help cross the dangerous areas in life?

For more information, as well as pricing, please visit our facebook page or e-mail Mike Wareing